deconstruction – spoken word

i still can’t believe that for a second i actually believed and now i’m here, just in time to see it all again; but this time its new, and i’ll always be wondering, if i had acted first, would she be me? and i can see you doing everything with her, all the things i […]


[recording on soundcloud] oh it’s only recently become clear to me how completely unprepared i am to even give a smile or hold your hand- oh, i’m lost. why are your words in some foreign language that i simply cannot understand no matter how many times; how many days and weeks and nights i’ve studied […]

i still think about you now

it started out like all the rest: a tiny hitch inside my chest. but you had them beat for sure- no, none of them had brown eyes like yours. i gave in and started watching your favorite show, something i never thought i’d do. to tell the truth it hurts a little bit, cause all […]

To Whom it May Concern (short)

“Yes, I’ll hold,” she spoke, propping the phone up with her shoulder as she sorted through the mail in front of her. Bills, bills, more bills, and a personal letter. Her eyes caught on the return address; the name was unfamiliar. While the elevator ‘hold’ music played in her ear, she sat at the small […]