[recording on soundcloud] oh it’s only recently become clear to me how completely unprepared i am to even give a smile or hold your hand- oh, i’m lost. why are your words in some foreign language that i simply cannot understand no matter how many times; how many days and weeks and nights i’ve studied […]

hopeless (unfinished song)

i’m thinking maybe in five years from now, we’ll have it figured out, expecting i learn to follow my own directions. they always said they’d lead exactly to where i wanted to be, but i was too blind to pay attention. and then there you were, hiding the sunrise in your smile, and leaving me […]

i still think about you now

it started out like all the rest: a tiny hitch inside my chest. but you had them beat for sure- no, none of them had brown eyes like yours. i gave in and started watching your favorite show, something i never thought i’d do. to tell the truth it hurts a little bit, cause all […]

nothing could be worse

[recording on soundcloud] the sun was shining on that day- when you first called my name. i could say anything and you’d stay and stay and stay. i wasn’t afraid of losing you at all, but it’s always what we love the most that falls. [is it true? is it true? did you really leave […]

missing you (snow song)

recording on soundcloud (this song was written for the love story of Ygritte and Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, which is near and dear to my heart, from Jon’s point of view) i never thought i’d get lost, and find you on the other side of it all. it’s just like they say, it’s just […]

all of the ways

(recording on SoundCloud) (co-written with Erin Kaufman, erinescapes.wordpress.com and Erin Kaufman on Soundcloud) far enough down to block out the rays, and all i can think of is all of the ways you love me. high above the clouds, the wind’s whispering your name, and all I can think of is if you’re thinking of […]