7/2/2017 (not even for a second)

i keep checking my phone, hoping to see your name on the screen. i don’t know why; each time i’m only disappointed again.

i keep thinking of you, though i know that i shouldn’t. if even i can’t understand it, than what’s the use in worrying? but

i keep wondering what could happen, if somehow it were true. but then, again, i see you, and i know you wouldn’t do

what it is they say you would, no not even for a second. but do i really know you as well as i think? could you surprise me still, even after all this time? i feel like i’ve been reaching for so long with no response; falling back down to the start each time (and time) again-

but i wouldn’t change it for the world, no not even for a second. no, i wouldn’t give you up (no, not even for a second).