falling for familiarity

everything is better now, and no one can argue with that. each day is a new dawn, but the sun still sets in the west. the breeze from all these open doors before me bring me peace when i need it most. so why am i here missing you? why does something feel like it’s […]

nothing could be worse

[recording on soundcloud] the sun was shining on that day- when you first called my name. i could say anything and you’d stay and stay and stay. i wasn’t afraid of losing you at all, but it’s always what we love the most that falls. [is it true? is it true? did you really leave […]

little did i know

[rough recording on soundcloud] little did i know, the closer we did grow only pushed us farther apart. the streetlights and the snow have nothing more to say, and it’s the hardest part. i thought this was the end, i thought i could depend on you. swaying in the breeze, the bumblebees and trees are […]