YouTube Channel: ElizaSandra

SoundCloud: eliza.sandra

Song Tidbits:

4/22 #3

4/22 #2


unlike any other

the end of it (lyric draft)

Original Songs:

stay down

chicago in the fall

this storm



i once thought i knew

i’ll take the blame (unfinished)

almost gone (unfinished)

wasting all of my time (unfinished)

hopeless (unfinished)


ache (unfinished)

lemons & limes

falling for familiarity

without (unfinished)

i still think about you now

forgive & forget

thinking of you

nothing could be worse

The Man at the Bar

missing you (snow song)

all of the ways (co-written)


little did i know

she was young

don’t mean a thing

you’re the one for me (unfinished)


i’m not in love with you

Leave Me Be (unfinished)

one (unfinished)

To Me

Liar That I Love – [Liar That I Love – YouTube recording]

Honey (unfinished)


Not Up To Me (unfinished)

Let You Go (unfinished)

No Words

Just Right


Know Now


My Sun (unfinished)

Serpent’s Tongue (unfinished)

Maybe One Day

Stay With Me

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