the river

river flowing, tumbling down-

mumbling, rumbling- whispering

of things long since forgotten now, of all the things that you once told me.

stream and creek with water clean, tell me all the words you know

reflected on the rocks, the sand, the tiny fish, the toads.

many times i’ve sat upon a rock and listened to your flowing phrase:

endless words for all to hear and yet you never take a breath-

no other song or poetry can wash such peace across my chest.

i hear your voice from half a mile: gently you call to me-

mumbling, rumbling- whispering,

of all the things that you have seen.

almost gone (unfinished song)

the rain is falling, and the porch lights off. the night is humming it’s summer song. oh, i’d always dreamed of moments like this but never realized their impermanence.

oh, the moon’s almost gone. oh, the moon’s almost gone.

you asked her a question once, and she’ll never forget the clear look in your eyes as it tumbled from your lips. she thought, ‘oh, there’s no way a night could be more perfect than this’,

but oh, the moons almost gone. oh, the moon’s almost gone. oh, the moon’s almost gone- and suddenly almost gone isn’t too far off.


it rained again last night- surrounding us all with a humid cloud. the fog of summers spring brought the thawing thoughts into my mind. it’s strange to see you on the horizon; a distant, shimmering mirage. are you simply a trick of the eye? i always second guess, check my watch, and when i squint into the sun again i can’t see you anymore.

wasting all of my time (unfinished song)

i’m not sure what to say cause i’m not sure how i feel. it feels right next to you, but i know you won’t steal me away- and that’s okay, that’s fine with me. it’s honestly alright, oh i don’t mind wasting all of my time on you.

if i could put it into words, it’d be the way you laugh. oh, the smile in your eyes, it’s the best look they’ve ever had, and it’s all that i can do just to wonder what’s behind. but no matter what i find, oh i don’t mind wasting all of my time on you.

hopeless (unfinished song)

i’m thinking maybe in five years from now, we’ll have it figured out, expecting i learn to follow my own directions. they always said they’d lead exactly to where i wanted to be, but i was too blind to pay attention. and then there you were, hiding the sunrise in your smile, and leaving me feeling like a child with too many words to say:

i want to talk to you all day, want to make you want to stay, want to give you all i have and say i never need it back. i want to see this to the end, want to be your best friend, want to work to make it work when things seem hopeless. oh, when its hopeless. hopeless, oh, i’m helpless and hopeless: hopeless in love with you.


how long had it been? too long, my mind decided

but too recent to forget the way the moments slid around me

like rain off an umbrella.

there’s something unforgettable about going through the motions;

things that used to bring the light only cast a shadow of indifference.

and i didn’t like it. but there was nothing i could change.

my socks were soggy with the moments that my brain had missed-

but they collected in my shoes

making each step forward feel like the first upon a mountain.


sometimes it’s hard to find a place to hide in all this mess i made, but i just have to remember that i can look to you, and you will shield me from the rain. it can get a little bit dark when you’re standing here on the ground, and it can be a little bit hard to see you and wish to be found.

lead me, alleluia, show me, alleluia. teach me, alleluia, save me, alleluia, alleluia. 

i’ve lost sight of you because i’m always searching behind me for a demon on my back, hoping i can blame him, for i am soaked in sin just waiting for the flames to attack. but i still know your love is great because you gave up for us your one and only son, and i still know my sins are prepaid in the blood of your pure and holy one.

lead me, alleluia, show me, alleluia. teach me, alleluia, save me, alleluia, alleluia. 

i give you my whole heart, because it’s already yours. take away what i could stand to gain, with your love i could never ask for more.

lead me, alleluia, show me, alleluia. teach me, alleluia, save me, alleluia, alleluia.