afternoon shadow – 12/6/17

damn you for taking my memories for putting your face into every dream i have for finding belonging in all the songs i hear. you’ve grabbed everything i love and shoved it into your closet; you’ve dog-earred the pages, you’ve worn out the CD’s, you’ve torn the edges now the sign of you is too […]

chicago in the fall

[recording on SoundCloud] when all your colors change, summers turned your stone face gray, overgrown with leaves. oh, i know how it feels to be walked on day after day. oh, the train’s leaving again. when all your colors fade, whats left but to trade everything for a ticket to anywhere else? oh that’s what […]

this storm (song) – 11/1/17

the sky is green, the clouds hang heavy over everything. the air is mean; i feel the sting of everything, everything that you said before you called this storm over me. it’s bittersweet how all these memories have taken on the smoke from the wildfires. the fields burned quick, but they left behind the trees, […]


when you tell me stories it’s like a live performance i can feel the energy of the crowd coursing through my veins and the stillness of the moment as everyone holds their breath and the singer announces his last song; the old favorite, and his voice is humble the cheers echo in my bones and […]


i am here. right now, we i am here. the grass is green and strong with its many summer memories, whispering blades of stories to each other as i listen. the trees above are peaceful in the friendship they provide; overseeing younger beings as we grow and shift upon the ground. the sun is shining […]


today was gray. gray like the clouds hanging overhead, though the sun was determined to shine. gray like the way i felt hearing about your life- the life you’ve lived without me in it. i’m not quite sure why i felt so entitled to your days; i guess i cared so much that i felt […]


you say you’ve got it all figured out, but i can see through your skin. transparency was always something that you couldn’t help from coming easily. even though you didn’t let me in you let me knock upon the glass. i saw your room, cluttered with sadness, and the darkness clinging to your walls. your […]