all along i knew i was only fooling myself, and here i am again, coming face to face with the reality. i knew you couldn’t feel for me; i knew that much was true. but now that i’ve heard you say the words i don’t know what to do.



it rained again last night- surrounding us all with a humid cloud. the fog of summers spring brought the thawing thoughts into my mind. it’s strange to see you on the horizon; a distant, shimmering mirage. are you simply a trick of the eye? i always second guess, check my watch, and when i squint into the sun again i can’t see you anymore.

wasting all of my time (unfinished song)

i’m not sure what to say cause i’m not sure how i feel. it feels right next to you, but i know you won’t steal me away- and that’s okay, that’s fine with me. it’s honestly alright, oh i don’t mind wasting all of my time on you.

if i could put it into words, it’d be the way you laugh. oh, the smile in your eyes, it’s the best look they’ve ever had, and it’s all that i can do just to wonder what’s behind. but no matter what i find, oh i don’t mind wasting all of my time on you.

hopeless (unfinished song)

i’m thinking maybe in five years from now, we’ll have it figured out, expecting i learn to follow my own directions. they always said they’d lead exactly to where i wanted to be, but i was too blind to pay attention. and then there you were, hiding the sunrise in your smile, and leaving me feeling like a child with too many words to say:

i want to talk to you all day, want to make you want to stay, want to give you all i have and say i never need it back. i want to see this to the end, want to be your best friend, want to work to make it work when things seem hopeless. oh, when its hopeless. hopeless, oh, i’m helpless and hopeless: hopeless in love with you.