Lemons & Limes

[soundcloud recording] lemons and limes, time after time, you lie and you lie, you do. oh, apples and plums, where’d this hate come from? you gave me so much reason to. maybe the reason that i can’t come clean is that you’re standing right here next to me. if i could speak my mind i’d […]

falling for familiarity

everything is better now, and no one can argue with that. each day is a new dawn, but the sun still sets in the west. the breeze from all these open doors before me bring me peace when i need it most. so why am i here missing you? why does something feel like it’s […]

without (unfinished song)

empty skeleton, bark skin hides whats within; inside and out. the wind has stolen them, all your colorful friends, now you’re left without. the sun sets, the streetlights, obey the rules and flicker to life, the shadows fill with doubt. the alleyways, corners of your mind, the brick streets, keeping you down, now you’re left […]