Things get better.

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that they did.

I know you won’t trust me; because trust is a difficult thing.

But things get better.

I promise you they do.


one (unfinished)

you and i, you and me, simplicity, so easy, until you thought to turn around and show me your ‘good side’. lightless road, sightless night; you couldn’t blame me for never seeing this coming.

and i thought that you’d be the one.

whispered words by candle light; your promises taste of sugar and spice on your lips. i see now what i was blind to- what i mistook for beauty inside you was only agony.

and i thought that you’d be the one, the one.

the moon

he dreamed of her on nights which he spent beneath the moon.

streaming through the window panes; his heart and brain alive with thoughts

they would not stop for fear of losing their luster.

he wanted the image of her to shine; but not because she was beautiful.

he wanted her to shine like the moon off the glass

because it hinted at the light he found inside of her;

in her words and in her kiss, in the simple things she did.

oh how he missed her, when he dreamed of her at night.