To be honest, I spend a lot of time thinking about love for someone who has no idea what it feels like. Does that mean that all of this is a waste? Am I really singing and writing about something I have no experience about and therefore am just completely wrong? How will I ever know if I’m right if the day never comes? Waiting here for you is the most exhausting thing I’ve ever done, and sometimes it feels like nothing matters but the next day you’re all I care about. Why won’t you just come home to me in a sunset scene like a movie where we’d finally meet and fall in love and on so happily? I’m waiting for you but thats getting me nowhere; I’m expecting to see you around every corner; setting myself up for the disappointment that I’m positive will come. Will you be the one to save me from this hell or will I only be fooling myself again? How will I know to love you if I never have before? I only hope that someday soon you’ll see me through the crowd and something will intrigue you to come closer, nearer, friends until the day we change it all. When that day comes, if it does, I’ll give you all I can. Just know I’ll give you all I can.


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