Not Up To Me (unfinished)


lately, i’ve been searching for an escape from this hopeless mess of everything i made. but is it hopeless just to hope that even though i’m really lost, to you i’m not just a lost cause? ‘cuz lately, i’ve been a little stuck on how you smile and maybe with a little luck i can finally tell you all the little things that i’ve been saving up.

lift me from the ground, take me to a place where i know that i will be found.

the distance; it only grows farther the closer that i get to you. the talking; it only gets harder the more that i try to.

if i was yours, and you were mine, we’d drive too fast- waste all our time. i’d call you on the lonely nights just to hear your voice and know that it’s alright. you’d pull me close; hold me in your arms, just to keep us from anything that might harm the one you love-

the one you love, the one you love.

but it’s not up to me.


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