I’ll Always Know



I can feel your eyes on me

from all the way across the room.

You’ve always had that effect on me;

how everything seems to blur

and yet there you are

perfectly in focus.

Often when i’m trying to forget you

I only remember you more;

because my mind is the fabric

and you are the weaver,

and you can change me with a single touch.

You belong in my heart

as much as the pounding beats

you taught it when you first

let your eyes betray your tough facade;

you thought you had me fooled but

I’ll always know.

I try not to see you everywhere i am-

and yet there you are.

I try not to remember how easily

you can change me.

I try to ignore the truth, although

it’s perfectly in focus.

With a single touch you remind me what

I try to forget but

I’ll always know.