Yet Another Wednesday

1/90 F16

One Wednesday later, and I am feeling even more exhausted and stressed than usual. Why is it impossible to wake yourself up on a day when you just feel down?

On the upside, this weekend holds the promise of traveling north to Michigan, which even though will be completely snowy, will be absolutely beautiful. šŸ™‚ I’ll get to see my relatives and be free of everything that I have to deal with here in this corn country. Sometimes I think we all just need a break from our regular routine. It’s important to have somewhere to go or something that you can do to get yourself in a different place, whether that’s physically or mentally. I think that devoting yourself to hobbies is a mode of this thought. When I play piano, I can forget about which homework assignments I have to finish that night, or who I’m going to have to endure a class with the next day. All I have to dwell on is which notes I’m playing and how to shape the phrases musically. If music isn’t your thing, then I’ve also found that writing stories and reading books helps, because you can be transported somewhere else for a while. I think eventually we all just need to escape; at least for a little while.


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