A Wednesday brings with it an extra hour of sleep, and the promise that only two more days of school remain. Thank goodness for Wednesday’s.

I’m really happy today, mainly because I got to see my best friend again. I’ve gotten to see her the past few days too, after we haven’t seen each other in FOREVER. Not being able to talk to the person who understands you the most and loves everything you do can really bring you down. She makes me happy and shows me new things. Get yourself a best friend as soon as you can. They’re good to have around.

On another note, I’m also really happy today because I’ve found a new band to follow. 5 Seconds of Summer. They seem almost like my friends, and just the thought of them made me happy during the struggle of school. It’s amazing that some people can be so genuinely wonderful that they can lift others up just with the thought of them. Plus, their music is fabulous.

All in all, another good Wednesday has passed, and I am glad for it.


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