That was where I mostly thought of you.

When it wasn’t you, it was something ridiculous

that only you would say- “Who first thought to eat a Brussels sprout?”

If you’d been there with me we would have debated for

quite a while, words passed back and forth  meant

that you loved to spend the time with me.

Eventually everything began to remind me of you.

When you faded away I only saw you more in other things.

Your smile like the warmth of the sun on my skin,

your eyes on me like a cool summer breeze.

If I didn’t say that the moments when I wondered how

you’re doing now were as plentiful as the laughs that we both shared,

then I was lying to keep you out of reach and free just like you wanted to be.

If only we had had more time to sit beside each other and talk

of all the things I used to think of

when I thought of you.


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