For me, getting motivated is becoming more and more difficult. Especially with something I have no interest in doing, like Math homework. I feel like to get motivation, I need inspiration. Which with schoolwork, is not going to happen. I don’t think learning about sines and tangent with ever make me feel inspired. But still, I have to do the work.

How can you get Motivated for something you hate doing? You know it needs to get done, but the more you put it out of your mind, the easier it is to put it off all together. Some things that help me are:

1. Focus on your most important goal.

Don’t crowd your thinking with too many things to get done, because that will only make you feel overwhelmed. If you want to achieve something, then you need to focus on that one thing and only that. Once you commit to it, then it will be much easier to fulfill the goal and move on to another.

2. Make reminders that you can’t miss.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just do your math homework, you should leave reminders all over the place. You could write a post it note and put it on your fridge, the bedroom door, or the mirror. You could set an alarm on your phone with a message ‘Do your work!’ or ‘Drink water!’. Don’t let yourself get lost in procrastination. If you keep reminders then you will feel like you need to honor them.

3. Take away temptations.

You must separate yourself from the things that pull you back. You know what your weaknesses are, or what keeps you from doing your work. It could be a website where you lose track of time, a certain food that you can never resist, or even watching movies to pass time. You have to make it impossible for yourself to have these things. If you put them within your reach, then your just going to grab them every time. We know what keeps us back. Don’t let yourself lose to something little.


I hope that these can help any of you stay motivated to do whatever it is you need to get done! I certainly hope they’ll help me get my math homework finished. Stay motivated!


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