Coffee For Two


He stared out the window, his eyes as glassy as the polished clear panes.

She walked through the streets; elbows pushed past as they went their own way.

The coffee was cold now, though it had been warm when he first asked.

“Coffee for two, please,” his smile was vacant.

“Coffee for two?” The waitress restated.

He had nodded, and soon two white cups letting off two wisps of steam were set down with a clink.

One, two.

 Coffee for two.

Coffee for me, and Coffee for you.’

He stared out the window, his eyes as stormy as the sky rumbling overhead.

She saw the old sign, the familiar sign, but took a turn down an alley instead.

He checked his watch. Maybe she wouldn’t come. Coffee for two Coffee for one.

She didn’t let the thoughts make sense; a jumbled mess, disorderly.

All she could hear was her boots as they ‘click, click’ed on the sidewalk.

Click, click.

An hour with him. Familiar strong coffee, his familiar grin.

Click, click.

A life without him. No worrying time and time again.

Click, click.

The waitress’s pen as she wrote down his order.

“Coffee for two?” she asked, brows raised.

“Just one, thank you,” he blinked through the haze

of memories from the years before.

Maybe they could have been something more.


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