In The Dark


flip the switch

let it all go dark

don’t be afraid

the monsters won’t exist if you don’t let them

they like the light better anyways

Maybe in your

flipped point of view

you’ll see the spark

and suddenly find yourself

no longer in the dark


Yet Another Wednesday

1/90 F16

One Wednesday later, and I am feeling even more exhausted and stressed than usual. Why is it impossible to wake yourself up on a day when you just feel down?

On the upside, this weekend holds the promise of traveling north to Michigan, which even though will be completely snowy, will be absolutely beautiful. 🙂 I’ll get to see my relatives and be free of everything that I have to deal with here in this corn country. Sometimes I think we all just need a break from our regular routine. It’s important to have somewhere to go or something that you can do to get yourself in a different place, whether that’s physically or mentally. I think that devoting yourself to hobbies is a mode of this thought. When I play piano, I can forget about which homework assignments I have to finish that night, or who I’m going to have to endure a class with the next day. All I have to dwell on is which notes I’m playing and how to shape the phrases musically. If music isn’t your thing, then I’ve also found that writing stories and reading books helps, because you can be transported somewhere else for a while. I think eventually we all just need to escape; at least for a little while.



                   A Wednesday brings with it an extra hour of sleep, and the promise that only two more days of school remain. Thank goodness for Wednesday’s.

I’m really happy today, mainly because I got to see my best friend again. I’ve gotten to see her the past few days too, after we haven’t seen each other in FOREVER. Not being able to talk to the person who understands you the most and loves everything you do can really bring you down. She makes me happy and shows me new things. Get yourself a best friend as soon as you can. They’re good to have around.

On another note, I’m also really happy today because I’ve found a new band to follow. 5 Seconds of Summer. They seem almost like my friends, and just the thought of them made me happy during the struggle of school. It’s amazing that some people can be so genuinely wonderful that they can lift others up just with the thought of them. Plus, their music is fabulous.

All in all, another good Wednesday has passed, and I am glad for it.

Another Day: The Struggle


Appropriately over-dramatic picture for my over-dramatic mood! I’m not quite follow my previously ‘Motivation’ rules and am struggling through more math homework (big surprise there). If only math came easily to me!

Today it has literally been snowing since noon, and it’s now 10 PM. School has not been cancelled. I don’t know what they’re thinking, because if they still have school tomorrow half of the student body will certainly not be there. Why do I live in the only school district that forces their students to drag themselves to school in blizzards?

And on top of that, they expect me to do math homework?!?  Ridiculous.

For J.

The best secrets pass through the eyes;
I know I told you plenty with mine.
I was hoping that you’d see them.
I guess I was hoping that you’d keep them.


it’s been so long and yet no time has passed
is it okay to tell you I miss you
even if its only in my mind


I know that you didn’t realize;
it wasn’t hard to tell.
and maybe from your point of view
I didn’t realize either.
if only we had time to help each other
see the way that we did.


somehow the words come short
but sweet
just like the time you spent
with me


I’ll just go on,
trying to forget, I suppose.
I won’t remember the little things.
I’ll just go on,
not lingering on the way your eyes
liked to linger on mine.
I won’t remember what made me stay.
I’ll just go on,
trying to get the soft curve of your smile
out of my head.
I won’t remember what made me smile back.
But in my forgetting
I’ll just go on like always
lingering over
the little things that made me stay;
that made me smile.
I won’t forget you.