Another Day: The Struggle

Appropriately over-dramatic picture for my over-dramatic mood! I’m not quite follow my previously ‘Motivation’ rules and am struggling through more math homework (big surprise there). If only math came easily to me! Today it has literally been snowing since noon, and it’s now 10 PM. School has not been cancelled. I don’t know what they’re […]


For me, getting motivated is becoming more and more difficult. Especially with something I have no interest in doing, like Math homework. I feel like to get motivation, I need inspiration. Which with schoolwork, is not going to happen. I don’t think learning about sines and tangent with ever make me feel inspired. But still, […]


That was where I mostly thought of you. When it wasn’t you, it was something ridiculous that only you would say- “Who first thought to eat a Brussels sprout?” If you’d been there with me we would have debated for quite a while, words passed back and forth  meant that you loved to spend the […]